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Jared Woods. Yup, that's me.

My name is Jared Woods. South African born and bred, but currently saving troubled people from all sorts of predicaments in the grey city of London Town. It is here that my heart was stolen, never to return.

My main skillset which I have trained over many years in the most dangerous corners of the internet would be that of web design/development. It appears to me that the mass collection of the world's thoughts all connecting in the same gigantic space is the closest we as a race have come to divinity, and it is those who build that are the disciples of the cause, presenting useful content in an aesthetically pleasing manner for the whole of society to enjoy and grow from. I have mastered the dark arts of Drupal, but still harbour a lot of love for the process of marrying good old HTML5, CSS3, and JS together, creating forceful creatures from scratch. Over my years, I've rescued many an impressive brand and company from evil plagues of bugs and complete meltdowns, which is all in a day's work, really.
View this side of my mind here.

When it comes to passion eloping with skills, however, there is no greater superpower I have been gifted with that rivals that of writing. As a child, I could always be found in the corner of my room nearly crushed to death by piles of paper, as I scribbled words down faster than my thoughts could produce them. This drive has never left me, and as the sole contributor to the blog Juice Nothing, my regular output has been read by over a million people worldwide. My first self published book, This Is Your Brain On Drugs, was released in 2016 and ran out of print very quickly, turning over a decent profit (from which I hear, isn't always the case). Commercially, I have written scripts, articles, and pretty much anything for anyone who can find a use for my versatile understanding of the English language. And who can't, if we're honest?
For some examples of these projects, please do click this link here.

We all need some form of therapeutic release in our lives, and my main vice comes from transferring images out of my head and into a physical reality. There are many ways I achieve this exorcism: drawing cartoons, painting acrylic, manipulating digital art... you name it, I've probably done it. There is no medium which topples another, my stomach swears by hanging onto more traditional methods, but the digital release does put an edge of perfection into my work that my hand cannot achieve alone, and so I refuse to pick favourites in case they hear me. Extending beyond a hobby, I often find myself designing album covers for musician friends, and even if it feels like I'm selling my babies, I have started to release my paintings into the public for purchase.
Take a look at what I can do in this regard here.

Without rambling on, all you really need to know is that the arts as a whole has always been my priority. Whether building websites, writing until my hand hurts, illustrating characters to life, jumping around behind or in front of the camera, or making music solo and as a part of a band, not a cell in my body doesn't scream every day to create something which wasn't there before. I hope my portfolio accurately exhibits this furious enthusiasm more than this little biography can, because if I talk about it any longer, I might start screaming at you incoherently.

Wanna buy me? Well, you're in luck, I am for sale!
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